Time lapse and floral gardens


Ok.  So first,  If you follow me here,  Please forgive the apparently huge gap since I last posted.  I’ve had two sites going on simultaneously and FINALLY got around to merging them.    All of my news and random stories will be back here again.   I’ll also likely be posting a few 2015 recaps in the next couple weeks as unfortunately the last year or so of my life was erased when I tried to merge them – I guess that’s what you get when you try to do technical stuff that you don’t know how to do….

So back to today:  As you may know from my other site (which no longer exists),  I’ve recently been working on building up my portfolio for licensing work.    Among some of the projects I’ve been working on, are a series of courses through the Lilla Rogers Studio School.  One of the things I love  most about these classes is the different perspectives it gives me on my work.   It’s probably due to spending all my time alone with my pets and paintbrush friends  in a studio,  but the marketing, customer/client side of things has always eluded me.    It’s been fun to think about my work from that perspective and to experiment with different techniques and applications.   I’ll be posting a few past assignments over the next few weeks,  along with some of the commissions and show pieces  that I need to get back up somewhere.    For now,  this is my floral fabric collection for the home decor market.   I’ve always been in love with chairs (my house is full of refinished, reupholstered thrift store chairs),  but I think designing my own fabric for them is my new favorite thing.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

chair wall1 wall2


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