Suspiciously peachy

As I was piling work by the front door this morning – going through my last second checklists and final chance editing before everything got loaded up in the car on route to my next show,  I realized a bit of color trending on my part.     Until that very moment, I had been in complete denial of my recent peachy pink, creamsicle orange… ( is it tangerine? ) color palette addiction.    I hate to be so predictable.

For anyone else who might have a similar obsession, all the pieces will be on display at Leanna NYC  through the first of October.   A few are available to purchase here.   

More revealing evidence:

Living room installation in orange
“Strange Places” limited edition on 2″ thick wood panel with resin. w/ dirty orange water.
Back view of wood frames. Surprisingly un-orange.
“Beast” limited edition on 2″ wood panel with red frame.
“Beast” side view
“Strange Places”. side view
“Strange Places” detail
“Who to Take When You Save the World”. limited edition on 2″ thick wood panel with red frame
Oh. and I also made a tiny village with the remnants from the wood frames. I painted the houses orangish – lest one square inch of my house remain otherwise.

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