Art is good. So are sports.

It took a few attempts with the printers to get the colors in this one just right (  green and gold are pretty essential to the theme after all),  But I finally have a limited run of “Rose City Til I Die” prints released for sale.

The reproductions are  6″x12″.  mounted on a 1″ wood panel and covered in a thick layer of plastic resin – which protects the piece and gives it a high gloss, glass like appearance.    All the hardware is attached so it’s completely ready to hang – no framing necessary.   Signed and numbered by me.   This is a VERY limited run piece.  I’m only making 15 total, and have already had quite a few requests – so these probably won’t last long.   Available HERE

I’ll be donating 50% of the proceeds from this edition to the Bald Faced Truth Foundation, a local organization aimed at inspiring joy and growth in area youth through the support of the arts,  athletics, and other co-curricular activities.      I’ve personally spent quite a bit of time working with kids in schools and shelters – hoping to share my love of art and sports with them.  I’m very passionate about the value that cultivating these interests can have on people’s lives.

Prints are available for purchase HERE

You can read more about The Bald Faced Truth Foundation HERE






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