Rose City Til I Die. Portland Timber’s Art show.

The Portland Timbers, in conjunction with Alberta Main Street and Art on Alberta, will unveil their new 2013 primary and secondary jerseys on Last Thursday, February 28, 2013. The unveiling will feature an art exhibition, with Timbers inspired art at Alberta Street galleries.    I’m super excited about this show, and for the opportunity to paint something in a slightly different vein than my usual work.  The army of fans who support the Portland Timbers, in my humble opinion, represent some of the greatest qualities found in this city… well except pity anyway.  There ain’t none of that.

The event will take place in 7 galleries along Alberta Street.  My own painting will be on display at Talisman gallery at 1476 NE Alberta.  If you are interested in pre-sale of the painting please contact me.

more information about the event can be found here:

“Rose City TIl I Die” Acrylic and mixed media in resin on wood. 25″x13″ with frame.
Painting view with frame
painting detail
Painting detail
Painting detail

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