$30 DIY rolling door

I am very very excited about my latest studio project.  I’ve been trying to figure out a cheap and easy way to put a divider up between my studio and the rest of the building:  One, because sometimes I like to do weird little dances while I paint, and two: because my dog doesn’t recognize the invisible borders of other people’s personal space.  Also, he likes to eat trash.  And I don’t suppose the other artists in the building especially want to come in to find their garbage partially eaten and otherwise strewn about their studios.  

I originally came across this basic idea somewhere online.  I did a cheapened version of it, and altered a few things to include stuff I already had around. It only took about 2 hours, and thanks in part to the nearby rebuilding center, I was able to do the whole thing for just around $30.  

I’m super excited with how it turned out… and now I am going to go paint and dance around the studio with my dog.




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