helpful cats and dogs

 It may not be immediately apparent that just to the edge of all my product shots is an overenthusiastic cat and very helpful dog ensuring that every photo shoot is perfect.  Their work ethic is apparent. They run, climb, and jump over zealously upon every project presented to them.   Then they roll around on it, flip flop back and forth and kick it around a little.    They might sniff at it, lick it a few times,  or otherwise stick it in their mouth.  Maybe bite off a little piece  then act confused that it doesn’t taste good, then maybe take another bite just in case .  They’ll take little breaks to nudge my arm with their heads or see how close they can get their faces to the camera, but then they’ll get back to work – experimenting with how best to place their paws and heads and tails and ears into imaginitive vignettes around the product .  One of them will usually stretch out on the project and try to take a nap , but often that’s at the exact same time that the other one decides to jump on the project.  Most of the project at this point will be strewn about in a mess of chaos and excitement . .  and someone will do that funny fake cartoon running things that happens when you want to go really fast but weren’t prepared for it and are trying to run on a project that’s a little slippery.    This will be fun and exciting for both of them so they’ll scramble around on the project together for a while  then run a couple of really fast laps around the couch.    That will be the sign that the project is done and one of them will go cry at the door and the other will go lay down on the bed.

New postcards available here:    Don’t worry.  None of these will have scratch marks or dog hair or cat drool on them.





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