Old Paintings and Spider Farming

I always loved to draw, and did it fairly obsessively – covering every available sheet of paper with scribbles of little girls eating apples and sitting on swings with rabbits.  When I ran out of paper, the girls and rabbits would find themselves on other things: the contents of my dad’s briefcase, the inside covers of the brand new encyclopedia britannica set, and occasionally the walls.  (though to be accurate, that was more of a sculptural piece involving intricate girl /bunny  butter knife carvings.)   Despite all this, I never really wanted to be an artist.  My long term career goal was to become an  arachnologist.   More specifically, I had a detailed strategy of creating a large scale utopian spider farm so I could develop a conducive way to mass harvest the spiderwebs and spin it into the strongest silk on earth.  I could then sell it to chinese emperors  or the US department of defense . . .that part may not have been very well thought out, but I think I imagined myself creating some sort of impervious military armor  in the intricate styling of embroidered silk kimonos.  Sadly, my years of research, field work, and catching spiders and putting them into different types of test containers never materialized into success.  I blame it on the spiders’ short life span,  as it didn’t allow for the deep spider/human bonding necessary to my idyllic vision.

With years invested and no real back up plan in place, I decided to just go to art school – where, strangely enough I never even took an actual painting class.  My first paintings were done only a few years ago – and may seem (not unlike my arachnology career) somewhat ‘dilettante’.  But here they are anyway.  I decided to re-release a few of them in my etsy store  (along with special nostalgic low prices)


Also, as it turns out,  My spider farm dream has been hijacked and skewed into gross genetic alterations of spiders, hamsters, and cow kidneys to create mutated cells that secrete silk like proteins.  However, I hardly see this type of animal expendability being worth even the most lavish bullet proof kimono.


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