When I was a little rowboat

One night, in a dream, I was a little rowboat – surrounded on all sides by deep blue foreverness of endless ocean. The world was flat , and like a spinning plate in a circus performers act, sat atop a tall wooden spindle. The earth wobbled as it went round , threatening to lose it’s balance at any moment. The oceans and continents sloshed back and forth as the plate teetered, colliding into each other as they were swept along towards the vast nothingness of the horizon. It lumped into a large muddy mass dangerously close to the edge, but just as it started to topple off, everything was quickly whisked back the other way. And it pretty much went on this way forever.


New painting:  currently on display at Yolo lounge in Portland.  Contact me for sales info.

"This Can't Go Another Way", 30"x24", mixed media and resin on wood


One thought on “When I was a little rowboat

  1. I’m not sure what to say except…I concur. And I’m an admirer of your art, and your writing as well. So that makes two of us who are left to feel both helpless and impassioned by circumstance. It’s hard to not feel when you feel put upon, esecially when it’s not of your choosing…

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