Sometimes I want to throw my paintbrushes at them.

For the most part, I really like painting. I like having my hands covered in paint, and I feel the most fulfillment when I’m busy creating something. I like the satisfaction of seeing something evolve and come to life in front of me, and I even have brief instances of self-satisfaction in witnessing my own progress as an artist. BUT, I do *not* like looking at my finished paintings. Seeing them in completion makes me immediately panicky, anxious, and self-critical.

I’ve learned to overcome this by immediately sealing them in resin, wrapping them in newspaper, and quickly shipping them off to a far away gallery where I will no longer be able to examine all of their faults.

Sometimes though, there are paintings that for some reason or another I can’t finish. They hang on my walls in states of partial incompletion and mock me.

This is why collaborations are good. So thank you to Heidi Elise Wirz .

Here’s a sampling. The rest can be seen tomorrow night from 4 – 12 at the Goodfoot.
Also featuring work from Summer Hatfield, Heidi Elise Wirz,Anna Magruder, as well as some of my solo paintings and prints.

with Heidi Elise Wirze
Collab. with Holly Capello and Morgaine Faye

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