The Gruesome details of my death

I’m hoping it doesn’t make me completely morbid, but often during the day, my reality is interrupted by brief detailed visions of how I could possibly – in that immediate instance – die.    It’s usually a surreal, unlikely, and aesthetically composed death.  For instance, when I’m drying my hair in the morning if I flip my hair forward to dry the underneath section, It’s entirely likely that I could hit the my head on the sink.  My skull which is made out of porcelain will shatter into thousands of pieces, and I will collapse into swirls of raspberry jelly and confetti.  Or perhaps I will die walking down the street.  I’ll step on a sidewalk vent that is unknowingly made only of moss.  It will crumble beneath me, and my leg will become lodged, and (since it is held on by a single pin) will snap right off.  This causes me to lose my balance and  I topple into the street.   A fog of horrified gasps will envelope me as a streetcar crushes into my body.

There are of course many other possible scenarios of my demise.   That is why I will never wear a necklace to bed. .. And also because I once woke up with my pajama pants somehow tied securely around my neck.  So I won’t wear those either.

If the threat of death isn’t a good sales pitch, I don’t know what it.  You can find new pendants in my etsy store

"Evacuation" limited edition pendant . . . 1.5" glass oval set in a copper backing. comes with 18" chain

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